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What type of small business loan should I choose?

No matter what type of business loan you need, chances are you need the money fairly quickly. While some business owners may have a difficult time finding funding, our trusted partners specialize in Belpre loans for all types of business owners:

If you're considering applying for a small business loan in Belpre, there are 3 basic loan types to choose from:

Small Business Administration (SBA) loans in Belpre, OH
If you qualify for an SBA loan, this will likely be your best option. Interest rates are often more favorable than other types of small business loans which can help reduce your monthly payments.
Fixed rate small business loans in Belpre
Assuming you make on time payments, your interest rate will not change for the life of the loan with fixed interest rates. You may pay a slight premium at the outset (either in origination fees or the interest rate itself) but the trade is often worth it. Be sure to crunch the numbers to see if the increase in fees or interest rate will worth the peace of mind knowing your rate will never change.
Belpre variable interest rate loans
Often you will receive a lower interest rate at the outset with variable interest rate loans in Belpre. But beware. Your interest rate will fluctuate throughout the life of the loan. This can cause dramatic swings in your monthly payments, something you may need to prepare for if interest rates begin to climb. Be very careful if you're considering a Belpre loan with a variable interest rate

Each of the above types of small business loans in Belpre come with an origination fee. Origination fees vary for each loan. SBA-guaranteed loans are charged a percentage of the guaranteed loan amount, this cost is sometimes passed on to the borrower.

To fully understand the cost of small business loans in Belpre, compare rates with our verified loan providers today!

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